About CRM- Know its pillars and advantages

About CRM- Know its pillars and advantages

About CRM- Know its pillars and advantages

To understand CRM, we also need to understand the main three pillars on which CRM stands.


For marketing department, it is important to create strategy, executes campaigns and information gathering about customers and their needs.

They also need to monitor post sales activity of customers which is the result of efforts invested by them. They are also responsible for commercial and client-specific strategies via employee training, marketing planning, relationship building and advertising.


For sales department, it is very important to have tracking on sales, sales forecasting and goals achievement. They also need to track their team management, educate sales team through awareness programs and coaching them regarding how to serve Customers better and show them clear picture about products, services and company.


This is the post sales and continuous activities related to customer. It helps companies to convert their prospective customers to satisfied customers and satisfied customer to loyal customer.

Each department of a company has individual set of operations and company as a whole it is essential to inline all these departments where CRM plays major role.

There are number of advantages of CRM and we will focus on few important.

CRM helps companies to improve their performance and customer portfolio. It also ensures enhanced productivity of company and its different teams.

Its helps to gain customer loyalty and as compare to other expenditure toward the customer it is cost effective. All we know that loyal and satisfy customers are assets of company.

Establishing companies, brands or new segments very quickly.

Customer centric database can be generated and it helps to track customer activity, their contacts, inside knowledge of customer.


As we have seen that CRM is a way or process which helps organization to handle customer centric relational management and this process are followed from ancient world to present time. CRM put customer in driver’s seat for their required products and services in their budget. It also helps companies to organize their approach and organizational structure to get more benefits in cost effective manner. Even though CRM has very old history, still it is evolving and changing day to day with the change of technology and we can see that different channels are available to help organizations and customers.

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