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Hyper Automation

Automation and business operational efficiency

Organizations have complex operations involving diverse business systems, disparate set of people separated by geography, culture, age diversification… Technology and Digital transformation is one of the many answers to addressing the growing challenges and adoption of technology by people.

The most convenient answer to technology adaption in business world is technology adding to the already things getting done in a way that is easy and natural, and that complements how people perceive the world around them, process information, and interact with their surroundings.

Hyper automation enables automation for repetitive tasks executed by business users leveraging AI, Machine Learning (ML) & RPA in turn amplifying human ingenuity with technology.

It also provisions dynamically discovering new business processes and automating them. In turning providing organizations enormous benefit to get rid of repetitive & tedious tasks, to enable work staff to focus on high value work.

Simple automation – These have limited functionality, defined set of rules and typically evaluate the input providing respective response
Advanced automation – These can accept natural language input and form its intelligent response. Derived from advanced analytical ML algorithms which requires enough data to provide an informed response based on the input from user

We, at Sarjen Systems can help enterprises supercharge their automation efforts by injecting BOT with cognitive technologies such as ML, speech recognition, natural language processing to automate higher-order tasks across all industry applicability.

Applicability & complexity of hyper automation vary widely depending on the business logic & targeted process for automation, for e.g., reading a mailbox to deploying hundreds of bots – each working independently together, and programmed to automate jobs across enterprise business systems.

Benefits of Hyper automation:

Reduced human errors
Increased throughput
Employees can focus on higher value tasks
Better consistency, accuracy, efficiency & speed
Continuous working mode
More time allocated to understand and serve their customers better

Use Cases

Challenge: Manually log onto 3PL system to fetch company sales transaction data & post it to company ERP on the same day. Time consuming and repetitive task.

Solution: BOT logs into 3PL system which is SAP on web. Downloads ‘Sales’ and ‘Collection’ reports daily and puts it on sFTP (ABAP program then collects the file from sFTP and post transaction to SAP). This ensures 3PL & company’s ERP system reflects same transaction details, same day, & gaps known & discussed following day without any delays. Earlier transaction data was collected & shared & then eventually posted on 3PL system was on the following day, which with zero manual engagement is managed on the same day.

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Challenge: User needs to manually download the ICSR XMLs to be submitted from PV database and upload the same XMLs to EvWeb production account. Along with it, the downloading and uploading the acknowledgement is also done manually. The activity is more time consuming and possibility of human error in case of download and upload of ICSR XMLs and acknowledgements, which might result into a regulatory deviation of late submissions, risking compliance.

Solution: BOT logs into PV database, downloads all the cases for submission to EMA, and put all downloaded XML files to Gateway Server for auto submission to EMA. The response file from EMA, then is inserted back to PV database. Complete end-to-end automation achieved with little manual intervention. Both, time and resources are saved with enhanced accuracy and less resource consumption.

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Challenge: Company using different systems, ERP for business transactions and BI for MIS. Finance teams would manually reconcile their own country’s data each day to ensure that both transaction and MIS tool speak the same numbers. Which would involve around 16-24 hours of effort on daily basis only to reconcile and produce gaps for IT to rectify, further delaying the MIS reporting by 2 days to management.

Solution: InSight auto reconciliation logs into transaction system, downloads the sales report and compares and reconciles the sales report with the data of BI application, and sends an email alert indicating mismatch for IT to look into. Zero manual efforts and IT can focus straight away to resolve the issues of this mismatch, in turn giving timely, accurate MIS reporting without delay.

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Challenge: Currently in routine structured case intake operations, Eudravigilance (EV) XML downloads is critical and time-consuming process. Daily/Alternate day/Weekly log in in EvWeb and setting up the filters and obligations for a single client, time required is more than 20 mins. every time for requesting and fetching the XML download in the form of zip folder. Chances of incorrect or missing selection of obligations & filters due to human error, which may result in fetching of incorrect XML data.

Solution: PvD’Code EMA XML download logs into EMA website, downloads L2A and M2M files setting up of various filters and obligations for every client, and fetches into a designated folder from where those XML files are production ready for ICSR processing every day in morning for PV team to process. This saves Immense amount of time and resources, with enhanced accuracy, eliminating human errors.

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