Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

MS Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint practice

We at Sarjen, have extensive experience on usage and implementation of various Microsoft practices including that of SharePoint.
Our technical consultants are well aware about various facets of Microsoft environment and can produce best results and ROI for implementation of Microsoft SharePoint practice. Over the years, we have developed some standardized practices and approaches which can really help our clients to implement the requirements fairly quickly.

Certain out-of-box capabilities available with SharePoint 2013, really makes it easy to implement Enterprise Content management, Enterprise Collaboration and Workflow systems. Communities can be created and users can be connected to share ideas, knowledge and information in various forms. Governing the content is easy while maintaining flexibility required to keep organizational dynamics floating.

Our expertise in SharePoint based solutions can really help you either in solution based consulting or complete turn-key projects. Our extensive expertise in Dot Net development environment with MS SQL server is an added advantage when it comes to customized development within SharePoint environment.

What more, it can be seamlessly accessed from mobile devices and offer enterprise mobility.

Areas of our services for SharePoint

Technical consulting, configuration and implementation
Upgrades and Migration
Creation of Security Groups and User Profiles
Implementation of Enterprise Content management and Collaboration solution
Configuration of Enterprise Document management system
Business Process automation with SharePoint lists and workflow
Business Intelligence with Excel services
Dashboard with Performance Point services
SSO (Single Sign-On) implementation and integration with other solutions
Support and Maintenance

Sarjen’s domains of expertise

Inventory, Sales and Distribution management
Supply Chain and Procurement management
Customer service and sales
Project management
HR and Payroll management
Business process approval workflows

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Business requirement:

Create corporate intranet solution for a large company operating in multiple countries for branding, sharing and collaboration.

Solution offered:

Created complete solution for corporate intranet. The features include:

  • Creation of Profile users and AD integration
  • Employee directory with details about each employee
  • Event catalogue
  • Policy documents sharing with various corporate policies
  • Widget for onscreen link sharing
  • Intranet blogs and discussion board
  • News

Business requirement:

The Company wanted to implement document management solution where documents are maintained in central repository with access control and search mechanism in place. Certain policy document should also pass through workflow before they are finalized and available for end users.

Solution offered:

We implemented complete SharePoint based Document management system with these features.

  • Assign limited access rights and security permissions to users for creating/uploading, viewing and editing documents
  • Workflow to create, review and approve documents
  • Version management and complete history for audit trail
  • Create meta data tags for each document for easy search
  • Restrict downloading of PDF files

Business requirement:

The Business Intelligence solution was desired by the Company so that various analytics can be designed and pulled dynamically from company’s well established sales and distribution transaction system. The multinational company has data in multiple language and multiple currency and analysis tool required to provide flexibility to end users for creating their own excel based reports. Also, the facility required to share reports with other users as and when required.

Solution offered:

BI Analytics was implemented using Excel services with SharePoint. The solution included:

  • Design of various SQL based report types for various types of data
  • Creating base excelsheet with application of data access scope
  • Creation of excelsheets with live connection to transaction database
  • Sharing and applying user rights to excelsheets

Business requirement:

The Company wanted to implement various business processes in Word based forms, where form has workflows. Also, data entered into Word based forms are required to be stored in database.

Solution offered:

  • Creation of Site columns and columns to store data
  • Creation of forms using MS Word
  • Creation of data entry fields using Quick Parts in Word
  • Workflow and user rights on columns
  • Creation of listing reports based on entered fields
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