Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Open source technology, Java practice

Its Sarjen’s expertise to bring automation in most complex business processes, which is a delight for any customer. Java is an open source and platform independent technology. It has become first choice for any internet based application because of its cross platform capabilities and strong security features.

Over the years, team Sarjen has worked upon many applications and platforms based on Java. It includes deployment of applications on JSP-Servlet combination, J2EE architecture, Struts and MVC framework based application development, Hibernate and JBoss.

Java based service offerings

Web applications and web services development
Desktop application development using Swing and Applet
Device connectors and embedded applications
Framework based application development and consultation
Application support and maintenance
Migration and integration services
Integration and Customization services on various platforms supporting Java based programming

Benefits when working with Sarjen for Java based services

Oracle certified team of developers
Technology expert team as implementers to understand your requirements
Onsite availability of team
Dedicated recourse availability to work only for you
Quality in processes through quality standards ISO 9001:2015
Security provision for your complete data
Usage of robust IT infrastructure

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Business requirement:
Data replication tool to collate data generated from various distributed database systems. The program should be able to use secure data transfer and two way data communication is required. Only central server would have dedicated IP, all other databases will use on-demand internet connections.

Solution offered:
Created two component client-server program, where client connected to server using on-demand, variable IP internet connection

  • Program developed in Core Java and using Socket programming
  • Developed proprietary protocol to achieve communication
  • System would transfer data in two directions
  • Only incremental and updated data would be transferred
  • From central database, relevant data would be transferred to individual database
  • Independent to data size, number of tables, number of columns
  • Data reconciliation and row count in each distributed database
  • Complete database backup and restore functions for distributed database
  • Auto query execution in remote distributed database

Business requirement:
An Israel based diamond merchant dealing in purchase and sale of rough diamonds, having offices at multiple locations wanted to have a web based system with centralized data access to keep track of transactions done at various locations.

Solution offered:
An internet based application with rich client frontend in Swing/Applet was developed where database was residing at a central server.

  • Program developed in Core Java and using Socket programming
  • Access level, admin, central user and users at varied locations. Even users at location would have different access rights for transactions
  • Transactions include local/import purchase, DiamondNET, the software solution, includes all types of transactions, like Local Purchase/Import, Patek, Memo, Local Sell/Export, Manufacturing, Parcel Mixing, Collection, Payment and Journal Voucher
  • Patek and Invoice Printing
  • Various individual or combined reports are available for one branch or for all branches, such as Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account, Stock, etc.
  • Reports for individual branch are Parcel wise stock of rough and polished diamonds, List of Pending orders for Export, List of Exported orders, Account detail of Customers, Suppliers, Banks, Cash, Detail of Parcel Mixing, etc.
  • If polished diamonds have certificate, it can also store in DiamondNET with photographs of certificate and each polished diamond. Later, authorized clients can read certificate information and also see photographs of certificate along with the diamond
  • Web Interface for regular Customers, they can view restricted data allowed by admin like Available Stock, Transactions, etc. on the web through their login
  • User can create multiple group companies by himself
  • Rough and Polished diamonds can be traded using the same software
  • Complete tracking of packets and their residual value
  • Account Heads can be defined as per requirement
  • Different login for different branches and companies in the same software
  • Sales can be done against the Patek and memo as well as normal
  • Interest charges from date of Patek can be calculated
  • Facility to enter manufacturing and administrative costs
  • Collection in terms of Checks Received, Deposited and Credited
  • Branch wise data capturing to have accurate profit center analysis

Business requirement:
An institute publishing journals at regular intervals wanted to go digital, and required a solution for publishing the journals online.

Solution offered:
Application was developed on J2EE framework with JSP-Servlet and MySQL server.

  • Various Authors can contribute to articles in the journal
  • Articles can be given in HTML or PDF
  • Articles are reviewed and approved by Journal Editor
  • Articles can be sequenced by Admin user
  • Admin user can publish the journal
  • Index page of journal would be created automatically
  • Journals can be achieved
  • Old journal issues can be searched
  • Articles can be searched based on metadata, author, title, etc.
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