Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Customized Business Applications

Development process includes

Web application development is a challenge considering the browser upgrades, their behavior. Sarjen is up to the challenges posed and has experience of several years in web application development which are user-friendly, business-driven, innovative, and, most importantly, browser friendly. Web applications would allow businesses to enhance the processes across the company with a better understanding of the governing of all avenues of then business.

Using HTML5, now called the ubiquitous platform for web and CSS3, the latest fad in the stylesheet family, which provides many exciting new functions and features, Sarjen offers exciting new possibilities to create an impact in designs, web presentations, allows developers to use more diverse style and much more…

With an influx of technologies, there is no dearth of choice for development of an application which is flexible, scalable, accommodating your business requirements – translating the business strategies as effectively as possible. Sarjen helps in this transition and translation to a better designed, better suited web application for successful and all round business automation and effectiveness.

Sarjen’s expertise includes customized application development services. The application development is not technology specific; it is the balance between the requirements, the finesse applied and the desired outcome. Sarjen has a well defined development process which helps companies address their typical and distinct requirements.

Process inlcudes

Meticulous analysis
Well-planned development methodology
Vigorous Testing and Implementation
Integrating with other software’s, platforms
Technology support and Maintenance

Sarjen’s business model helps

Define the scope of the customized solution
Define the solution architecture
Define the detailed infrastructure and other requirements
Develop the solution
Test & validate the solution against the scope definition
Deploy the solution across the company
Get support and maintenance for the solution
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