Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms typically are the ones which integrate customers, employees and partners for the company digitally and enable end-to-end digital transformation of the business.

Enterprise wide digital ecosystem uses various types of digital platforms – starting with data accumulation tools, rule-based workflow engines, machine learning algorithms which learn from transactional data, analytics, predictive intelligence, compliance monitoring tools based alerts and notifications and integration techniques such as APIs, etc.

There are plethora digital platforms available to achieve desired digital transformation. However, Digital transformation of enterprise not only requires identification of correct tools or digital platforms, but also persistent consulting as it will have impact on organization structures, organizational policies and work culture as well. It is not a onetime activity. It is implement-learn-improvise cycle and requires robust partnership between company and service provider.

Sarjen not only has huge experience in deployment and integration of digital platforms, but also designing and development of specific niche market platforms which give them unique edge as a digital transformation consulting partner.

Sarjen helps in

Assessing requirement and formulate digital strategy
Identification of competent and relevant digital platforms
Cost-effective and efficient implementation of digital platforms
Hand-hold and improvise digital systems
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