Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communications platform that provides and keeps the following apps – features in one place:

Workplace chat
Video meetings
File storage with collaboration on files
Application integration

Companies would need an Office 365 subscription – a perquisite and the service would be integrated with the organisation’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and features extensions would integrate with non-Microsoft products.

Microsoft Teams Developer Platform provides flexibility for:

App development
Task oriented interactions with messaging extensions
Include Web experiences
Build Bots
Graphical interpretation

With background of development of software solutions and enterprise mobility extensions, Sarjen can help organisations explore the opportunities provided by MS Teams to improve team collaboration; performance and working:

Improving collaboration between teams
MS Teams would ensure that all team members be on the same page, ensuring the history of conversation threads, and, lastly, document repository for overall efficiency.
Keeping Project stakeholders engages
All involved in the project have access to and are part of conversation threads, aware of project decisions.
Availability of 3rd party apps/tools for organised and focussed approach
  • Apps such as Planner can be added as a “channel”, albeit lightweight but provides sophisticated and primary project management to organise and keep track of project tasks, status and actions as conversation thread.
  • Forms is also a tool that can be integrated which gives the ability to create polls – use in decision making/create pulse in the entire team – again, as a conversation thread, collect data as feedback, issues, etc.
  • DevOps tool integration would help in better project management – various tools as apps are available in Teams store.
  • Also, embed PowerApps which allows developer and even business users to create solutions to business issues.
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