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Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .Net practice

Software development and implementation using Microsoft .NET technology is at core of Sarjen’s development environment. With large set of development team working on development platform on ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#; Sarjen has one of the widest technology skill set available on Microsoft .NET development platform.

Our technical consultants are well aware about various facets of Microsoft environment and can produce best results and ROI for implementation of Microsoft .NET practice. Over the years, we have developed some standardized practices and approaches which can really help our clients to implement their requirements fairly quickly.

Microsoft .NET is developer’s delight with the kind of segregation it offers between design and code. Also, provides great amount of scalability with performance sharpened by pre-complied code. It also offers programming flexibility with multiple scripting languages. The security features makes it one of the most widely used framework for implementation of web sites and web applications.

Our expertise in Microsoft.NET based solutions can really help you either in solution based consulting or complete turn-key projects. Our extensive expertise MS SQL server is an added advantage when it comes to customized development of data driven business applications.

Areas of our services for Microsoft.NET

Development and implementation of web based applications
Development and implementation of desktop applications
Hybrid applications with rich desktop and central database
Upgrades of legacy systems and Migration
Implementation of enterprise content management solutions
Development of .NET based web services
Enterprise and web applications with MVC and client-server architecture
Business applications with MS Office integration
Plugins in MS Word and MS Excel
Native mobile app development on Windows 8 and Windows 10

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Business requirement:

The client required a CRM solution where they can manage account details, contact details and business opportunity details. The system should have integration with contacts and calendar of MS outlook.

Solution offered:

Created a complete solution for CRM. The features of web based solution include:

  • Create, Delete, Update details of customers
  • Fields for various types of customer changes
  • Create and Follow one or more business opportunities against customers
  • Create events like web meeting, personal meeting, telephonic calls and show them up in alerts and calendars
  • Sync contacts and calendar events with MS Outlook
  • Access all customer data from within MS Outlook

Business requirement:

A multinational company having presence across Europe wanted to implement an easy-to-use Sales Forecasting and Financial Budgeting system to monitor operations. Since country offices across Europe were small with one or two people presence, the system actually required to be very simple to use and implement.

Solution offered:

  • Frontend created using MS Excel. Plugin for MS Excel allows users to login
  • Each country user can access their own data
  • Entry in MS Excel spreadsheet then synced to central database
  • Data available for team to analyze reports
  • System also allows individual forecasting of sales for each product

Business requirement:

A US based client required to create a desktop based solution with license protection, so yearly renewals are needed for application usage.

Solution offered:

  • Development of desktop application in VB.NET
  • Packaging executable with WISE installe
  • Protection of executable with QLM (Quick License Manager)
  • Web based system to register and download MSI
  • Trial period for downloaded MSI
  • License activation on payment confirmation
  • Complete back office integration, also, integration with Payment gateway
  • Renewal reminders to customers

Business requirement:

The Company distributing consumer products wanted to create an eCommerce site, with complete back office support and Payment gateway integration.

Solution offered:

  • Complete Stock management – from regeneration of PO, receipt of goods and all other stock adjustments
  • Product list and catalog management
  • Sales can be booked from online application
  • Sales frontend and shopping cart created with
  • Bootstrap responsive design
  • Implementation of Shopping cart
  • Implementation of Payment gateway
  • Sales can be booked from online app, or mobile app
  • Complete back office support for sales management
  • Order status updates and notifications for customers
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