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Solutions for Digital transformation of business processes
Business & GxP/Compliance Services and Custom-solutions
Business solutions
GxP compliant solutions
Infrastructure and Quality, Processes
Introducing Sarjen Systems
CSV(Computer System Validation) as a service
Robust Quality Management system to ensure Data Integrity
Distribute & Retrieve Regulated Documents with Ease
Cloud Authoring & Distribution of Regulatory Documents
Dispense Right at First Instance and Drive Compliance through SMART WEIGHING AND DISPENSING SYSTEM
Digital transformation the era of Automation in manufacturing
Role of Drug Safety Systems in Establishment of Global Pharmacovigilance Operations Scope and Opportunities
ICSR submissions in India: PvPI and DCGI pre-requisites for pharmacovigilance activities in India
Productivity and Quality Management in PV operations
PvD’code a smart EV triage solution for PV operations
Periodic Safety Report (PADER/PAER) submissions through eCTD software
eCTD in Australia. (AU- TGA) now recommeds eCTD submissions
Regulatory Updates, 2016
DMF going electronic
CDISC SDTM compliance check
Application of Iris recognition in CROs
Regulatory Updates, 2015
Standard PDF Properties(eCTD Submission)

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