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Training to build the future right!

Sarjen works together with various colleges across India to equip students pursuing a career in the Pharmaceutical industry with knowledge and training that provide them with practical exposure and make them industry ready. Students of these affiliated institutions learn about the current regulatory guidelines, also, have the opportunity to meet industry experts, and acquire knowledge of day -to-day industry Pharmacovigilance practices that will aide them in their careers in the industry. 

Sarjen’s contribution

At Sarjen, we believe that hands-on experience is essential for students to cope up and succeed in the digital-led industry. That’s why the experts from Sarjen with the right industry knowledge regularly visit colleges and universities to conduct interactive training sessions with students pursuing degree courses. During these training courses, the experts not only explain the concepts of software used for Pharmacovigilance but also provide practical exposure to the software tools and technologies currently trending in the industry. 

The experts encourage these pharma students to actively participate in the sessions, eagerly asking all the questions they have in mind and engaging in discussions. They also provide guidance and feedback to help these enthusiasts improve their skills and knowledge. By the end of the training sessions, the students not only have a better understanding of digitization in Pharmaceuticals but also gain confidence in their ability to contribute to it. 

Sarjen’s approach

Sarjen understands that a well-structured and comprehensive training program is the key to helping students succeed with better understanding of regulatory compliance in the industry. Which in turn has led to well-designed training course that covers various modules and provides students with the necessary information they need to stay ahead of the competition and excel in the field. 

Training types

Sarjen extends the knowledge sharing for two major sections that are salient to the industry. 

Drug safety & Pharmacovigilance (PV)

Students undergoing this training program attain a comprehensive overview of the requirements and concepts necessary for a strong understanding of drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

Regulatory affairs

This training program acts as an introductory course for entrants new to the field of pharmaceutical compliance and regulatory affairs. It provides a comprehensive overview of the principal requisites needed of compiling dossiers, submissions, publishing, country-wise regulatory requirements and much more…

During either of the training types, Sarjen uses a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged and motivated. Each batch undergoes a 30-hour training program before they are ready to experience the industry in real life. Each training consists of: 

Introduction to the industry in the real world

Details catering to regulatory guidelines essential for the industry

Exposure to the digitized solution used by major players in the industry

Discussion on real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the concepts covered in each module.

Hands-on training to give students practical exposure to the software tools and technologies used

Training Certificates to each student on completion to add value to their career opportunities

On completion of the training program, students have a thorough understanding of the regulatory processes, industry best practices, and software tools and technologies. And be well-equipped to apply this knowledge to solve complex problems and contribute to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. 


Under this program, Sarjen has provided trainings to over 500+ students. Sarjen has joined hands with various organizations:

Bharati Vidyapeeth
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Importance of these trainings

What students get: 

Practice knowledge

Hands on digitized solutions

Job preference

Training certificates

What organizations get: 

Practical exposure to students

Industry ready students

Added Training hours/sessions each student

College News

Media talks

The media has covered the unique initiative taken by L.J. Institute of Pharmacy in Gujarat, in association with Sarjen, in the field of Pharm Regulatory Affairs. The initiative is a value-added hands-on course designed for skill-based training of M.Pharm. students. 

This was in April 2022 and since then have had regular interactions and trainings. 

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