Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

iOS app development practice

The success criteria of any application depend on its purpose serving ability, scalability to catch growing needs of target audience and engineered user experience. Sarjen has experience of number of years and technical expertise that will help you create apps which adds value to your business. With constant monitoring of project activities and timely status managing project is an advantage. Engagement models implemented here caters best competitive rates which are worthy of Sarjen’s delivery quality, optimum performance and maximum ROI.

Sarjen’s iOS experts have in-depth knowledge and clear understanding of iPad use cases. Moreover, Sarjen’s experience has been showcased by us in developing applications for various industries segments like SFA, Order management system, CRM, etc.

Keeping abreast with technological advances have led us to gather latest technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, Geofencing, cloud, secure payment gateways, QR Code scanners, voice recognition software, and many more implemented in different apps depending on the need of business.

iOS technical expertise

Expert professionals of ObjectiveC and Swift language
MDM using Apple configurator and cloud base
Exposure till XCode 13, Monterey MacOS 12, iOS 15
Excellent team of designers for UI/UX
Web service designers and experienced solution architects
Dedicated implementation team for responding to client queries and support

iOS based services

Native and cross platform app development
B2B application development with customizations
Occasionally Connecting App (OCA) development
Configuring solution to your existing ERP
iOS compatibility based services

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Field persons can keep the vital customer information updated and making it available to the hierarchy till the head office on their business trips.

By defining only the data you need to synchronize with server, you can avoid wasting mobile data usage from your iOS device. Moreover, Field persons stay up-to-date with the head office and it will keep the device updated. Meanwhile, managers and co-workers are also kept updated.

Biggest advantage of having such functionality is Field person need not have to bother about Internet connectivity.

App will smartly identify the connection availability and perform 2-way sync in the background.

eDetailing solutions are much more important for mobile savvy group of customers who prefer electronic audio-visual presentation medium over traditional print ones.

iPad based eDetailing solution which helps companies to understand their targeted customers in better way. With the help of Sarjen’s eDetailing solution representatives can deliver quality presentations, which analytics are captured which result into better understanding of clients’ area of interest, what they like the most about it, time they spend in clinic, capturing feedback, etc.

Captured analytics in device are then sent back (from iPad device) to the concerned marketing department. They re-assess and tweak their data results into faster improving marketing campaign.

Key Features of app:

  • Supports 3D, touch interactive animation, video, PDF, Word, etc.
  • Capturing various eDetailing statistics while briefing product in meeting
  • Fast distribution of VA and quick notifications for update
  • Highly secure document storage mechanism in device itself
  • Fully functional Business Intelligence to create custom reports and dashboard
  • Allowing representatives to design presentations specifically per segment and per account
  • Reference material share utility
  • Capturing eSignature with stylus on iPad which can be considered as call confirmation

Managing employees in the field has always been a challenge. Tracking multiple people in a dynamic environment is very important in any application.

Employers having mobility options available, allows them for tracking and checking on the status of their field staff. After all, one needs to take care of planning of work and actual work.

Application offers ongoing planning for reps for their day-to-day visits and provides facility to make advance planning, i.e., monthly planning. Feature of drawing the shortest possible path on Google map from rep’s current location helps them to take correct path.

For knowing actual route taken by rep, application has continuous tracking option at pre-defined intervals and tracking on specific event using GPS. It can capture latitude and longitude of a rep even if the device is in offline mode.

Based on this tracking their expense calculations made. Rep can also get nearby customers by selecting radius (in Kms) on Google map.

App includes day to day reporting of a field person having following unique features:

  • eDetailing: Product briefing by audio visual contents (Augmented Reality) on their iPad (slide by slide HTML5/CSS3 content)
  • Route planning and tracking on Google Map, Expense tracking, locating customers (Google Map integration in app)
  • Photograph, Video, Documents against Call (Camera app and iCloud accessibility within the app)
  • eSignature with stylus (Call confirmation)
  • Two way intelligent sync mechanism (auto sync) that takes care of every transaction with web portal
  • Works in Offline as well as Online mode (Occasionally Connecting Architecture)
  • Interactive Quiz module for the self-assessment of a User
  • Native by nature (Smooth app experience – easy to use)
  • In-house distribution of app with Apple’s Enterprise ID enrolment
  • Distributing app with MDM using Apple Configurator or Cloud base MDM (managing device)
  • Custom and Auto Push notifications, messages, emails from app (using web service or P-N-S)

App that takes care of order management of a field staff, with following key features:

  • Place an order and add to cart feature
  • Powerful sync mechanism
  • Native as well as Hybrid solution
  • OCA, works in Offline/Online mode
  • eSignature

App that manages day to day visits of a doctor; includes following distinct features:

  • iPad app with Google Map integration, Round Trip for Doctors (Shortest possible path on Google Map)
  • Signature with stylus after visiting a patient
  • Location tracking, Plan v/s. Actual report on web
  • Navigation functionality within the app having voice over facility

Knowledge management is an effective part of any business and it plays a key role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers.

By providing comprehensive knowledge base for workers through the sharing of advice and problem solving to providing an environment for innovation and change.

In Sarjen’s iPad based solution we offer a quiz module that takes care of self-assessment of a worker and keeping records of every attempted quiz. Having such a module in your app just make sure that your field staff is educated enough to handle smooth presentations.

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