Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Python Language

Sarjen has a team of Python developers, who create the AI and Machine Learning solutions that helps the organization to make its resources more efficient and less error prone. Python is widely used language for web developments and mathematical and AI solutions. It provides easy to use integration with third party algorithms to help with your developments. It can be used to handle big data and perform complex mathematics. Python works on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.).

Python based Offerings

Web developments using latest frameworks
Use of trending technologies as Frontend
Use cases based developments
AI and ML operations
OCR and Data extraction from multiple file sources
Data migration from printed documents
Integration with various platforms and solutions

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Data management solution to extract data from various file sources of Invoice or scanned image of invoice and verify data with other invoice generating platforms. It can track any mismatch in the invoice received and alert the users.

Solution offered:

  • Created Web based solution to read files directly from Email or from specified folder
  • Extract data from files and stores in the Database
  • Check confidence % of file extraction
  • If the confidence is low, it provide option to the user to Train Model for their file and it will learn from that model and work accordingly afterwards
  • Data is verified with customer’s own Invoice platform
  • Verified records will transfer to that Invoice platform
  • Integration with SAP and other ERP solutions

Data Visualization tool to read data from scanner machine data files and store in the database and afterwards it provides the option to visualize that data in to Control chart.

Solution offered:

  • Upload & read data from Scanner Machine data files (.mdb)
  • Store in database with machine references
  • Show uploaded data with Machine wise – Month wise data tables
  • View Control chart with selected machine
  • “Shewhart control chart rules” validation automated
  • Integrated with other platforms to list data related to machines
  • Date range based statistical calculations to identify any breakdown in machine

It transforms tabular data in to multiple line charts and store in the Word file for Quality Review team for further process. It helps Pharmaceutical companies to automate their PQR data and documentation that submitted to drug authorities worldwide.

Solution offered:

  • Read data from Excel files that are maintained by the Quality Review Team
  • Integration with eQMS platform for document generation
  • Generate Dynamic charts from data with various parameters
  • Save generated charts to documents directly
  • Reduces the efforts to manually entering all the charts to document
  • Streamlines the process to generate PQR document

It automates the process of creating SPL with unstructured data from PDF and word files. It reduces the manual efforts to create the SPL XML that needs to submit to Drug Authorities worldwide.

Solution offered:

  • AI to read text from file and generate XML file
  • View and edit data of generated file with UI
  • Verify generated XML
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