Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Android app development practice

As we all know, android platform leads the market share for smart mobile devices. Android owns a widespread growth to its range of smart devices that includes smartphones, tablets and also wearable smart devices such as watches, eye wear and android Smart TVs.

Sarjen’s extensive experience helps you to develop android applications that overcome hardware and software fragmentation.

Team Sarjen having highly skilful and quality professionals incorporate advanced technologies to deliver superior quality solutions as per your business need.

With a team of tech savvy developers, creative designers and quality analysts and also, the habit to keep technologically updated, Sarjen holds a distinct edge.

Sarjen provides solutions that convert fast changing enterprise needs into end-user oriented android applications with state-of-the-art user experiences.

Sarjen looks after application’s lifecycle to meet the “success” criteria defined by our clients.

Android technical strengths

Sound professionals of Android and Core JAVA language
Exposure till Android Studio 4.1, Android OS 12, API Level 30
Different MDM integration
Excellent design team for UI/UX
Web service designers and experienced solution architects
Dedicated implementation and delivery team for responding client queries

Sarjen are experts in

Creating native as well as cross platform apps
Creating B2B applications with all required customizations
Creating OCA (Occasionally Connecting apps)
Configuring solutions to existing ERPs
Compatible with all smart mobile devices

Sarjen’s solution showcase

A leading Power, Infrastructure and Asset creation company of India having its foot prints in more than 35 countries and listed in NSE and BSE were facing a huge time and revenue loss in dispatching their sales orders consisting of various types of materials from its warehouse to different destinations.

The company was in extreme need to incorporate a system which helped the delivery manager to note the delivery materials once when loading and can be straight away integrated with SAP which would create the delivery challan, which allowed faster movement of trucks entering the warehouse to collect the materials based on sales orders.

Key Features of App:

  • User Interface designed in such a way using colour combinations so that it can be visible in direct sunlight
  • Powerful search mechanism for faster data entry
  • A proper validation for preventing wrong data entry making the process more accurate
  • Offline/Online mode support in application. While running the application in of ofline mode can increase the battery performance of the device
  • Mobility middle ware architecture allows direct data processing to and fro from SAP

Field persons can make vital customer information available and keep them up-to-date on business trips with different search and entry filters of choice.

Sarjen has introduced a feature where the user can define only the data they need to synchronize with server and this can avoid wasting mobile data usage from android device. Moreover, Field person stay “connected” with the head office and it will keep the device updated, along with managers and co-workers.

Also, included a functionality for a big advantage is for thee Field staff need not have to bother about Internet connectivity; app can smartly identify the connection available and perform two way sync in the background.

Medical representatives face difficulty while competing for face-to face time with Healthcare professionals.

Sarjen has developed an innovative way of detailing to Healthcare professionals and bring about effectiveness in the entire presentation method. Called eDetailing, the app is designed and developed for every smart device using their unique development properties for each app.

Designed and developed initially for a Pharmaceutical company, now modified and used across other industry domains, helps companies to better understanding their targeted customers. Medical reps can deliver quality presentations and in doing so, analytics are captured which result into the better understanding of doctor’s areas of interest, what they likes the most about it, time they spent in clinic, capturing feedback and so forth.

This data can be sent back from the smart device to respective marketing department, and in turn reassessed, data results retweaked into faster improving marketing campaign.

These apps were so developed for a mobile savvy group of customers who prefer electronic audio-visual presentation medium over traditional print collaterals.

Key Features of App:

  • Supports 3D, touch interactive animation, video, PDF, Word, etc.
  • Capturing various eDetailing statistics while briefing product in meeting
  • Fast distribution of VA and quick notifications for update
  • Highly secure document storage mechanism in device itself
  • Fully functional Business Intelligence to create custom reports and dashboard
  • Allowing representatives to design presentations specifically per segment and per account
  • Reference material share utility
  • Capturing eSignature with stylus on iPad which can be considered as call confirmation

In an effort to strengthen the sales force automation, apps for different devices with different features are developed by Sarjen. Field staff tracking, providing them with mobility options… this allows them for tracking and checking the status of their field staff; also, planning of work and actual work.

The app offers ongoing planning for reps for their day-to-day visits and provides facility to make advance planning, i.e., monthly planning. Sarjen has included feature of drawing the shortest possible path on Google map from rep’s current location, which helps them to take correct path.

For knowing actual route taken by rep, application has continuous tracking option at pre-defined intervals and tracking on specific event using GPS. It can capture latitude and longitude of a rep even if the device is in offline mode.

Based on this tracking their expense calculations can be made. Rep can also get nearby customers by selecting radius (in Kms) on Google map.

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