Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Open source technology, PHP-MySQL practice

The combination of PHP and MySQL, especially on Linux platform has given developer all over the world a flexibility like never before to develop and design new age, easy, stable, dynamic web pages. Right from most basic to functional to interactive to complex websites or web applications, PHP, MySQL gives a competent and compelling edge. PHP and MySQL are free and open source making a very popular choice amongst web developers.

Sarjen’s expertise lies in developing simple websites to complex web applications using PHP, MySQL.

Custom web applications
ecommerce applications integrating with shopping cart, payment gateway, online tracking – give an all round shopping experience
CRM customization
Customize Bug-Issue tracking web based solution

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Business requirement:

The client came with a requirement to develop a web application which would be cloud based solution and would provide full spectrum informatics (from financial planning to portfolio monitoring and more…) to wealth advisors (financial companies and independent investment advisors) for catering to their clients.

Solution offered:

Although a very complex software solution, Sarjen created a cloud-based suite of integrated wealth planning, optimization, investment, portfolio, and rebalancing software tools. It also provides high-quality analysis and top-end output at an unprecedented economic value.

Business requirement:

The client wanted a web based admin and licensing control panel all integrated with a shopping cart, varied discount schemes, payment gateway, notifications & reminders, article counter, user registration data; integrated with the desktop application.

Solution offered:

Sarjen developed a control panel and embedded a third-party tool for complete license management, shopping cart, discounts, payments. Also, provide various templates for all types of reminders, notifications and other analytics.

Business requirement:

The client required to design a platform complete with rich shopping experience for different types of shops display their goods and be available for shopping.

Solution offered:

Sarjen designed a systematically differentiating platform for various segments of stores to display their wares and visitors can make a comparative choice, choose for the right product and enjoy their easy-to-use shopping experience with various different modes of payment options.

App includes day to day reporting of a field person having following unique features:

  • eDetailing: Product briefing by audio visual contents (Augmented Reality) on their iPad (slide by slide HTML5/CSS3 content)
  • Route planning and tracking on Google Map, Expense tracking, locating customers (Google Map integration in app)
  • Photograph, Video, Documents against Call (Camera app and iCloud accessibility within the app)
  • eSignature with stylus (Call confirmation)
  • Two way intelligent sync mechanism (auto sync) that takes care of every transaction with web portal
  • Works in Offline as well as Online mode (Occasionally Connecting Architecture)
  • Interactive Quiz module for the self-assessment of a User
  • Native by nature (Smooth app experience – easy to use)
  • In-house distribution of app with Apple’s Enterprise ID enrolment
  • Distributing app with MDM using Apple Configurator or Cloud base MDM (managing device)
  • Custom and Auto Push notifications, messages, emails from app (using web service or P-N-S)

App that takes care of order management of a field staff, with following key features:

  • Place an order and add to cart feature
  • Powerful sync mechanism
  • Native as well as Hybrid solution
  • OCA, works in Offline/Online mode
  • eSignature

App that manages day to day visits of a doctor; includes following distinct features:

  • iPad app with Google Map integration, Round Trip for Doctors (Shortest possible path on Google Map)
  • Signature with stylus after visiting a patient
  • Location tracking, Plan v/s. Actual report on web
  • Navigation functionality within the app having voice over facility

Knowledge management is an effective part of any business and it plays a key role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers.

By providing comprehensive knowledge base for workers through the sharing of advice and problem solving to providing an environment for innovation and change.

In Sarjen’s iPad based solution we offer a quiz module that takes care of self-assessment of a worker and keeping records of every attempted quiz. Having such a module in your app just make sure that your field staff is educated enough to handle smooth presentations.

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