Web technology, Angular JS

Google’s Angular JS is an open-source web application structural framework, which gives a “different” control, to extend HTML into dynamic web applications. Angular JS helps create rich, coding flexible, dynamic web applications or parts of web applications.

Add Angular JS to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts and voila the web and mobile apps would be the highly scalable! It provides an excellent environment backed by framework for client side MVC architecture ensuring simplified development and testing.

Its robust features – light codebase, HTML components, basis of MVC architecture, binding and integration, etc. helps developers develop better apps.

This enhancement in development technology has helped Sarjen in building high quality apps with clear, powerful yet low maintenance apps for several projects. Sarjen has developed dynamic apps compatible across platforms, very user-friendly and simple to use.

Sarjen’s solution showcase

A comprehensive dashboard with sales, field related data in tabular format and as graphs

  • Developed very user friendly UI aiding each business user to design their own dashboards
  • Dashboard developed with drag-drop feature, dynamic designs to display reports in different graphical layouts to be selected by end users
  • Dashboard layouts completed and saved specific to each user according to their previous sessions
  • Leveraged an excellent UX using Angular JS and SQL SSAS for viewing Sales and Stock information