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Google Cloud

Google cloud is also known as Google cloud platform. Google cloud is an infrastructural software platform developed and initiated by Google which offers cloud computing services. This cloud-based infrastructure was first introduced in 2008.

Google cloud is a platform raised to provide a range of services for computation, storage and application development which runs on google hardware.

Google cloud services can be used by software developers, cloud administrators & professionals via internet or private connection. Google cloud provides developers the service of building and maintaining new applications.

The google cloud services include AI, Machine learning, Data Analytics, internet of things (IoT), networking, security, various developer’s tools etc.


High reliability
Provides Private sourced network
Migration of virtual machines
Improved performance
Quick way of new innovations
Unmatched collaboration with large companies
Strong data analytics
Designed for cloud-based companies
Open-source integration and support
Manages Google Cloud projects
Offers application development
Facilitates with higher-level services

Why is Google Cloud used?

Google Cloud is a widely used platform by the developers because it provides a web based, user graphical interface that can be used to manage and operate the Google Cloud data. It also enables cloud management schemes along with the security mechanism and developer’s tools.

It is accepted cloud platform by the companies as it delivers over 85+ information technology services across the system.

Google Cloud provides machine learning engine and AI services. Google cloud gives developers a chance to provide an array of tools along with data storage and migrations.

Document Model
Deployment facilities
Completely scalable in nature
Big Data approach
Content management & Delivery
Content management & Delivery
Ensures user data management
Highly available database management system
No need for mapping of the applications
Provides clear structure of the objects

Google cloud offerings

Google cloud as mentioned above provides a variety of services across the web. Some of the computing products in Google Cloud are as follows:
Google Compute Engine – similar as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which is used for workload hosting.
Google App Engine – like platform as a service (PaaS) gives access to Google’s scalable hosting.
Google Cloud Storage – stores large data sets along with database storage options.
Google Kubernetes Engine – it is Google’s open-source container management system.
Google Cloud Dataflow – is a data processing service used and developed for analytics
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