Business and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by SarjenBusiness and GxP compliant solutions, services by Sarjen

Journey so far

Sarjen, over the years, has developed global stakeholders/interested parties; built strong relations and consultancy partnerships.

Sarjen brings in rich experience, great learning, and accomplishments, which in turn has sharpened its vision to achieve new heights ahead.

Sarjen has built a TEAM to match international standards, driven by the constant endeavour to enhance knowledge and skills – Continuous efforts in Learning and Unlearning – small Improvements fostering towards big Innovations in the days to come.

Bolstering towards geared approach to the next level of green revolution with much deeper penetrating digitalisation – mix of process re-engineering, cutting edge technology and delicate change management.

Unleashing the knowledge… This is “SARJEN”.

Nikur Mody

Managing Director

Decades of rich experience

Our Vision Our Mission
Become a world class organization with operational excellence having global reach.
Infuse the Power of Technology in software solutions offered to our  customers across the globe; improving Business Efficiency.   Encourage and support our employees, who constantly strive to provide exceptional service to our Customers.

Stead fast and steady growth…

A journey of heaps of learning, new innovations, new software development, venturing into various different industry domains…

Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Sarjen) founded

With an aim to deliver to the world – ‘Creative solutions for global reach’; a startup with a small team of 3 developers, select web development as core business area, Sarjen started development of interactive websites.

Remote Data Processing (Medical Transcription)

Doctors in the US tape patient information on Dictaphones which are transcribed for documentation. Entered the Teleworking domain, which was deemed as “the hottest business opportunity for India” at that time. Sarjen started with Medical Transcription with a team of 25 – a set of transcribers, proof readers, doctor.

HTML, PHP, ASP websites

Consolidated web development business as one of the very few web development companies dealt in dynamic web content, CMS and e-commerce websites. One of the very few web development companies, then, actually offered CMS. Launched, one of it’s kind e-commerce portal.

Entered domain of business software solutions

Diversified into business software solution development and developed a very complex sales and distribution solution for Pharmaceutical company. Developed in-depth knowledge about taxation laws prevailing in various states in India, and later integrated the solution with SAP. Created intellectual property (IP) for unique data replication program, which can seamlessly collate data into single database from various distributed databases. It used two way communication and socket programming technique, which was indeed a milestone achievement. The technology was instrumental for growth of the company for next coming years.

Tie-up with US based consultants for offshore project

Under the formal tie-up with a US based technology company, Sarjen worked on a large scale offshore project in Java, JSP . Our dedicated engineers not only grasped the requirement fairly quickly, but created great value for the customer, who were venturing out into a new business.

Opens new office at Mumbai, India

To support growing customer base in Mumbai, Sarjen started a fully functional office with client servicing and technical abilities. We, @ Sarjen, always want to be close to our customers. If geographic proximity is not possible, we always are keen to use cutting-edge communication technologies to remain close to the customers. Sarjen was one of the early adopters to web meeting technologies.

Successfully implemented web technologies for use in business applications

With increasing need of productivity management of sales teams operating in geographically distributed areas, use of web technology for creating a solution to resolve this problem became necessary. Sarjen effectively used it’s knowledge on web technology in creating and implementing Sales Force Automation solution. Another IP, which yielded most of the revenue contribution over next decade. Technology team size increased to 50 software professionals.

First Implementation of project outside India, in Israel

Sarjen developed a web based solution for controlling the branches/offices located at geographically diverse locations for diamond traders and merchants to monitor each transaction occurring at their different offices (may be located in the same country or somewhere in the world) at any time. Successfully implemented for diamond trading company in Israel.

Established brand name in Sales and Distribution software for Pharmaceutical industry

Sales and Distribution software installed at a very large multinational company pharmaceutical company. Followed by another deployment at a multinational company, this time a French company, Galderma. Sarjen became an obvious choice for sales and distribution solution in pharmaceuticals in India.

New spacious office at Ahmedabad with huge acreage and state-of-the-art infrastructure

Moved to new premises with bigger office space, improved infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities. As a policy, we always believed in providing friendly working environment to our employees and invested in much larger and spacious office to make lives of our employees comfortable.

Entered the world of software solutions for Regulatory market

Realising the need of indigenous solutions for Indian companies exporting to regulated markets. Sarjen then invested huge efforts in studying the needs of various pharmaceutical regulatory agencies in US and EU, and successfully developed solutions fully regulatory compliant. Sarjen developed dossier submission and life cycle management software, which now is robust, featured-packed, equipped with publishing CTD, eCTD, NeeS, ACTD, GTD, vNeeS and other regional formats.

Expansion of market by deployment of Sales and Distribution software for non-Pharma industry

Because of it’s business solutions implementation experience, Sarjen gained extensive knowledge of various verticles and customers started recognizing us not only as software solution provider, but as a true business consulting company who worked as a technology partner with them. It was just a matter of time, before Sarjen started adopting the same platform as more generic solution and implemented it to FMCG company and subsequently in many other industries.

Invested in server infrastructure at data center, started offering hosted solutions as SaaS

Very early adopter and believer in SaaS (Software as a Service) concept. Application hosting and web farms were pre-mature in India, IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) was just getting shaped up. Then, Sarjen decided to have their own servers to make sure they can provide reliable hosting solution for hosting their own applications.

First MHRA audit faced for our Pharmacovigilance software solution

Regulatory division of Sarjen developed unique, simple-to-use safety database software for adverse event reporting and implemented the same for a pharmaceutical marketer in UK. The company faced successful MHRA audit with Sarjen extending complete support for software validation.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

With growth of the company, and immediate stake holders, team Sarjen realized that it was time to give back to the society. With lot of fresh graduates joining the company, we felt it would a great idea to engage ourselves as a team for contribution to social cause. And, thus, started journey of blood donation camps, eye checkup camps, charity contributions, tree plantation and so on.

Acquired Silver ISV competency for Microsoft

With vast experience of using and implementing Microsoft technologies, Sarjen became Silver partner of Microsoft and today in 2015, the Gold partner.

Implemented first in-process software, an Electronic Data Capture solution for CRO

Developed Clinical trial management software for a reputed CRO, with an aim of covering entire product life cycle at the CRO. It was a first successful attempt of implementation of EDC (Electronic Data Capture) during LIVE BA/BE (Bio Analytical/Bio Equivalence) trials in the world. The solution design was so scalable, that it works without any problems even when data capture points keep on changing from project to project.

Implemented multi-linguistic Sales Force Automation in a multinational company across 14 countries in Asia-Pacific region

While most of software or IT companies would rely on providing implementation support to established brand in SFA and CRM segment, Sarjen took a challenge to develop it’s own IP, which can compete with world class CRM solutions. Sarjen’s efforts of attaining such IP were rewarded by customer in South East Asia when they selected our solution against world famous CRM software after comparing both. Sarjen has successfully implemented the solution across 14 countries. And, then expanded to other multinational implementing it at more than 10 countries.

Accreditation with ISO 9001:2008 from Buero-Veritas; official certification for already practiced and imbibed quality processes

Sarjen always believed and strived for quality in software delivery and applied rigorous testing methodologies. With organization and customer base getting larger, it was important to make sure other processes also were streamlined. To eliminate business risk for customers and continuously improve systems, Sarjen adopted ISO 9001:2008 and established an organizational quality framework.

Time to invest in another IP, this time in Business Process Management and Workflow system

Sarjen’s continuous endeavor to keep it’s learning curve moving upwards, we this time worked on relatively unknown area of business processes and again rather than adopting expensive platforms, created our own IP in one. Developed a platform to configure any process, especially the Quality management system, which efficiently incorporates workflows; automated or user managed, and the processes to follow the configured workflow.

Sarjen became a company with more than 100 professionals

Focused on customer value creation and process re-engineering, the team size grew and grew fairly quickly. Very selective in recruitment process, team of graduates and post graduates in Information Technology reached strength of 100. To really cater to the customer needs who mostly were pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, Sarjen hired many post graduates in Biological sciences, Pharmacy and Biotechnology.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

It was time for enterprise mobility! With our understanding of business and learning curve on enterprise mobility front, we really created application that bridged the gap between client’s working methodology and SAP type ERP solutions. Used mobility devices like tablets to capture data before intermittently syncing the same with our mobility middleware which ultimately is interfaced with SAP.

eDetailing application for in-clinic information and Big Data Analysis

Became official App development partner with Apple and developed unique, one of it’s kind, eDetailing application which not only provides library management, on-demand presentations but also captures in-clinic information for the first time. The new generation of device based application, which produces lot of data, and analytics software now available with Sarjen. Worldwide implementation started for a multinational company with around 5000 people in the field.

Sharepoint and Dynamics AX

Our domain expertise and customer needs took us to another business area where we used our domain skills to help customer developing and implementing strategy for software tools and maximize the gains. Our team acquired and implemented newer technology for our customers.

Global implementation of Pharmacovigilance software

It was then time to move on to working in expansion of softwares in regulated markets – we worked on creating our own IP even in very difficult regulated market. Now we can boast of selling our regulatory products in international market where large pharmaceuticals in Europe and USA adopted our Pharmacovigilance software platform for adverse event management.

Acquired Gold ISV competency for Microsoft

With vast experience of using and implementing Microsoft technologies, Sarjen became Gold partner of Microsoft.

Next step; Cloud hosting

With increasing business opportunities in new economy cloud based solutions, Sarjen embarked on implementation of cloud based solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Consolidating on Cloud hosting strategy

Consolidating on cloud technology adoption, Sarjen came out with one of it’s kind, unique, first true cloud based solution in the dossier submission and publishing domain, Electronic Submission Gateway this time on Google Cloud.

Solution for Bio-analytical Lab

Investment into another IP, this time with solution for Bio-analytical Lab. Once again a completely new subject matter. Sarjen successfully developed and implemented clean, simple software solution named ‘BioLyte’.

Relocation to an even bigger premises in Ahmedabad

Sarjen relocated to new, modern business premises. Doubling the capacity with much better and secured network and infrastructure.

Expansion in Microsoft technologies

On data analytics front, Sarjen successfully implements Microsoft technologies – SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and SSAS (SQL server Analysis Services) for analysis of global stock and sales data of a company with footprints in more than fifty countries across the globe.

The metamorphosis of its first software solution, the sales and distribution solution

Sarjen brings about the evolution of its sales and distribution solution to a fully SAP integrated solution with complex sales and distribution of Pharmaceutical industry, seamlessly implemented on top of SAP SD using SAP PI.

Geographical expansion

Expanding business to UK, Sarjen registers the business in London and opens up an office, to be one step closer to its customers.

Now accredited with ISO 9001:2015 from Buero-Veritas; a risk and opportunity based quality management

Sarjen upgrades to ISO 9001:2015 from ISO 9001:2008 on the premise of development and/or Implementation of Enterprise software applications as premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) on fully documented and compliant Cloud for various industries including those which need robust compliance documentation and control.

First few steps towards smart manufacturing solution

After years of experience in solutions catering to commercial business needs, this time Sarjen embarks forward and creates its own IP towards smart manufacturing solutions. In it’s first avatar, the focus was on digital transformation of manufacturing processes and data capture activities.

Implementation of PNS in USA, for better revenue recognition

Sarjen’s Global sales and distribution software, running on top of SAP, is now deployed for US market; interfacing with rebates, chargebacks and all complex revenue accounting processes.

Sarjen became a company with more than 200 professionals

With focus of numerous domestic and global implementations of several of its software solutions and services, the company strength now reached 200.

Enters 20th year of business innovation journey…

20th year and running as strong as ever, Sarjen has made significant headway to architect, design and develop proprietary technology stack with lots of consideration and attention to detail.

Extending PNS in Mexico, with implementation of Production planning

Sarjen implements PNS now in Mexico, this time with SAP PPQM module also implemented along with.

Business Analytics with Microsoft Power BI in InSight

Created data warehouse for accumulation of data from various sources and used Microsoft Power BI for insightful and attractive representation of business analytics.

Sales analytics for field and introduction of Speech recognition and response technique

Sarjen developed first interactive system based on speech recognition techniques to help individuals working in the field to drive their sales analytics on smartphones.

Machine Learning to improve customer coverage and field productivity

Machine Learning technique and algorithm was used in mobile app to help sales men reach out to more important customers and improve efficiency by mapping their current location with nearby customers.

Major project releases

Expansion of its S ‘n D solution to more countries
Also, initiated multi-location Clinical trial solution implementation at 2 more clients; one of them being one of the world’s largest pharma manufacturers and its CROs.

Digitization and Process automation projects

Introducing DI Soft, a Digital Imaging Solution for central imaging lab
Enhancement of QMS to include Document Authoring and Control copy distribution
Extension of Manufacturing execution solution to include Packaging Batch Records

Sarjen and it's geographic expansion

Setting up a subsidiary branch in London and starting operations

Expansion in implementation
Diagnostic Imaging Software (for Retina)

DI Soft, a web based application, is developed to allow radiologists an easy review process of the medical images for different modalities in dicom or several other formats.

Also, helps in clinical Trial related activities like the screening of the patient who is suffering from the Critical Disease to track the their current situation of the diseases and the previous status of the Disease as well to study the benefits from the medicine and future dose management for the Physician or Investigator.

PQR automation

Digital transformation of PQR, which pharmaceutical companies are required to submit as full Product Review (APQR in the U.S. and PQR in Europe) to government health authorities annually, detailing key aspects of the manufacturing process for each drug they produce.

Order Automation

Computer vision where orders can be created, validated and processed quickly and accurately using BOT. Can also be seamlessly integrated with ERPs for bidirectional smooth data and information management without manual entry for creating orders.

Organizational Agility to face Covid and WFH

New norms, rigid Safety measures, Infrastructure changes with tighter/enhanced security-faster/seamless access despite extra security measures.

And, then being proactive in response to work from office, mandatory masks – double masks, sanitization, distance. Even renting new premises to ensure that distance is maintained and employees are safe at workplace.

ePRO (Patient Reported Outcome) for Covid related drug

Trials of Covid related drugs, ePRO, an approach taken in clinical trials to collect the data from the patient directly (from the patient through mobile devices or web).

WDS – commercialization of Weighing and Dispensing

Getting rid of manual weighing and dispensing of materials/raw materials in pharmaceutical manufacturing which amounts to a significant rise in quality, avoiding waste/incorrect measurements even in tiniest amount. Another way to see that there is no room for errors.

PNS to Far East – Singapore, Australia, Philippines

Expansion to more countries of SAP Interfaced S ‘n D solution

Introduction to Droid, Sarjen’s indigenous tool kit for RPA and automation

Automation toolset which takes care of repetitive, mundane tasks and brings about efficiency. Also helps in bringing the manual intervention in such tasks to zero – brings total turnabout in overall people and business efficiency.

Gained momentum in Digital Transformation and Automation
Warehouse Management – Fully integrated with SAP

Warehouse management in the Pharmaceutical Industry with understanding and features such as in order to stock, pick, and ship product in a way that conforms to the many regulations that the market sector demands.

Covid-19 vaccine gateway

Incorporated electronic submission gateway for covid adverse events for 2 famed clients who have successfully implemented and are now using for the every prompt response to the vaccine manufacture of the Covid global pandemic.

Equipment Logbooks

Effortless capturing data and managing data of the equipments and their logs, which are essential day-in and day-out. Replaces manual logs and avoids cumbersome processes with electronic logbooks in place.

Multilanguage QMS

QMS – the quality management system was implemented for various European countries and introduction of multilanguage eliminated language barrier with use of the system.

The year of rebooting and software application enhancements, improvements and introducing new applications
Pharmacovigilance suite of softwares – now compliant to latest GvP guidelines…

Including the latest Medwatch form for US submission, the EDQM guidelines, Electronic case submission and several other enhancements for unequivocal experience of PV case processing and submission.

Launched a single platform for eSignatures, CSV execution with evidence capture and much more…

DoQStack – comprehensive platform of document signoff (completely secured with Blockchain and encryption), paperless eCSV documentation, execution, evidence capture, and, also, archive/unarchive of CSV projects/documents

Launched other software applications

DiSoft – D, Diagnostic Imaging software for Osteoporosis

Vendor Qualification Management

Celebrating 25 years of trusted partnerships

The year 2023 signifies a 25-year journey of enhancing the pharmaceutical and life science industries with technological advancements through digital transformation and automation solutions.

Acquisition of a new office space

As a part of our expansion efforts and the creation of additional spaces, we have successfully acquired an additional office, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Expanding our technology toolkit 

In the effort to enhance our solutions, we are currently in the process of creating a product utilizing Golan, Flutter, and ReactJS.

Latest Product/Feature enhancements

Continuously enhancing our product solutions to meet evolving industry requirements, we have introduced new features in specific domains:

Clinical Research - Clinical Trial Gateway, Automated Bioanalytical LIMS Review, Protocol Deviation Management System
Pharmacovigilance - CDMS, Automated case download from regulatory
Quality - User Access Management
Manufacturing - Equipment Logbooks, Small Instruments Interfaces, Automatic Locking in compliance with ALCOA(+) regulations.

Extending PNS footprint

Expanded and launched localization in Portugal with local language and taxation norm integration.

Advancements in Data management

Master Data Management platform launched. successfully and running live in 20+ countries.

New solutions in the armoury

Introducing smart suite of solutions for late phase trials.

Strengthening our reach in EU

Empowered pharmaceutical clients in EU on their digital transformation journey.

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