About CRM- Introduction

Aug About CRM- Introduction

About CRM- Introduction

In last few decades there are huge changes in world economy and that changed the the way business works.In each industry service provider and consumers are in large number which has created tight competition.Now, in this changing scenario it is not easy even for existing brand to launch new product or introduce or generate business from new segment or customer.In present time company has to put lot of efforts in optimizing business, customer retention and satisfaction.

Companies need something which helps them to streamline their business processes and departments which are actually involved with customer transaction to achieve company goals. They must have clear vision and some guidelines which can help them to build better binding with Customer with customer oriented approach where CRM is ultimate solution.
Now, to understand CRM, we need to find answers to some of the questions like what is CRM?, What are its pillars and what are the pros and cons? Let’s see

What is CRM?
This is the fundamental question that arises in any persons mind who does not know CRM. The basic definition of CRM is Customer Relationship Management but not just that. It is much more. It is strategy, policy or process to help company to understand customer needs, behavior and different level of customer satisfaction.Having this company can approach customer, create campaigns, provide services, market products, educate customer about company and its products or services and much more than that. This also helps companies to align their internal departments with customer activities and achieving company goals, it also improves company effectiveness toward the customer by adopting customer centric strategy. Here, I would like to emphasis that CRM is not just only term but the way of earning, expanding business boundaries, multiplying customers and customer satisfaction.

We will see CRM pillars and more questions in upcoming blogs.

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