Web technology, HTML and CSS

The rich web experience without much use of images, animations is given in the form of HTML5 and CSS3 when used for development of websites, web applications or apps.

HTML5 is now the ubiquitous platform for web. Be it for mobile web developers, an enterprise with specific business needs, or game developers or others; all can explore the web as a new platform using HTML5.

And, CSS3 provides many exciting new functions and features. It is the latest fad in the stylesheet family. It offers exciting new possibilities to create an impact in designs web presentations, allows developers to use more diverse style and much more…

Web developers at Sarjen are relishing the flexibility, attributes, and so much more, both HTML5 and CSS3 provide. We, at Sarjen have tried to explore the features and help create very creative, rich web applications that work across different browsers/platforms/device types. Not only they being compellingly modern but it offers substantial benefits with them being simple, flexible, cost-effective to suit various needs.

A refreshing change to the traditional, long established web applications used till date…

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