Cross platform responsive design app development practice

Sarjen offers development expertise in development of Cross platform apps which can be used on Android, iOS and Windows smart devices and leverage the advantage of using known technologies comprising HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a web application.

Develop it once and use it across a platform is now a norm in the era where application development is very expensive and it is important to have an application which is supported by multiple platforms. There are various platforms (b4x, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Titanium to name a few) available in the market which supports cross platform mobile native app development. From developer’s perspective, Sarjen has used the opportunity to use and build applications in the language they all know and love, i.e., HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. There are free and an open source framework that allows to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for several platforms.

Sarjen offers

Cross platform mobile application developers’ team at Sarjen offers:

  • Real time evaluation of cross platform mobile application to select one which suits more
  • Low development cost with single application deployment across tablets and mobile devices
  • User-friendly and objective cross platform mobile application development
  • Customized application development services bundled with rich technical and industry experience in cross platform development technology

Cross platform mobile application development would be beneficial in terms of:

  • Saving time for individual mobile device type develop with richer yields
  • Lesser investment
  • Lower maintenance with one single application across varied smart device OS
  • Easy integration with native features of different devices

Sarjen’s solution showcase

Camp and Clinic

An app to request organizing of medical camps with help of group of different specialty of doctors and treatments in those camps.
Business requirement: on the basis of the request of organizing such medical camps, the entire cycle would be approved in the respective hierarchy including the expenses to be incurred in the entire process.
Solution offered: Sarjen developed an app whereby the Field rep would initiate the request and it would be channelized through their reporting hierarchy.

Put Alerts, Reminders, offline SMSs, and other notifications at different level of request transition.
Expense tracking and capturing for each camp with comparative analyses.
When the camp is concluded, app can also capture feedback.

Field Sales Information system with multi-tiered, multi-dimensional report generation

 Business requirement:

The client wanted to extend it web presence to app with its product catalogue as its focus area.

 Solution offered:

The website was extended into a cross platform app for iOS, android and windows devices where the apps focused featuring the extensive product gallery as informative, yet very crisp with all product details in a feature rich product catalogue. The catalogue data on the apps would automatically/manually sync with the changes on the website.

The app was extended to their field staff and non-field people, where they would be able to check for different MIS reports: From product-wise periodic sales performance to field sales representative; in hierarchal manner. Depending on the hierarchy, the report data, dashboard, homepage would have individual respective layout and view.