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Sarjen focusing its core development around Microsoft .NET technology, Microsoft SQL server is the preferred choice of database for its Microsoft practices. Where the applications can be developed to explore the relationality and capabilities of SQL.

Sarjen has a technology rich, knowledge rich team equipped with comprehensive understanding and use of SQL and leveraging its features for optimal SQL server performance in Microsoft Azure or any other Cloud or Microsoft Azure Virtual machine or on premise servers or virtual machines and more…

Database sizing and performance and maintenance, memory sizing and performance, disk sizing, I/O, backups and replications and restoration, are just some of the areas where Sarjen excels.

Microsoft SQL server not has a component in the form of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) using which broad range of data migration tasks can be performed from multiple relational databases and it can act as a platform for diverse data integration and device workflow applications with relative ease.

Sarjen has successfully explored the SSIS feature of the programmable object model that allows developers to write their own hosts for package execution.

Another component being SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) is a business intelligence tool which helps in analytical and transactional processing (OLAP) and data mining.

Also, provides as a data extraction tool, multidimensional cubes from where data can be used. Multidimensional cubes can be data source with details from multiple, relational components and stored in a format from where required information can be extracted as required.

Sarjen has successfully used SSAS cubes have been incorporated to pull data from varied sources, database tables and generate reports to meet needs of business management aiding users to make quick and accurate decisions supported with strong base data.

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