Power BI and Analytics

Power BI is a cloud-based data analytics tool, which can be used for data analysis from single or wide range of data source and generating various combination of reports. Over the years, Sarjen has developed these Analytics capabilities which helps organisations take business decisions by producing meaningful analysis from wide range of data. Sarjen has always had capabilities to work with large volume of data in its various softwares, and it was a step forward to work on Analytics, which also works with high volume of data, by setting up the enterprise data warehouse which further connects to Power BI for meaningful analytics.

With expertise in pharma domain, Sarjen has already produced several analytics KPI like, Forecast Accuracy, Forecast Fidelity, OTIF, Sales Comparison (Direct & Indirect sales), Product pricing trends, etc. for clients.

Analytics services Sarjen offers

  • Data warehouse Implementation connecting multiple data sources
  • Custom ERP system Integration with Power BI
  • Salesforce Integration with Power BI
  • SharePoint integration with Power BI
  • SAP Data Integration with Power BI

Country-wise details such as Sales, Inventory, Forecast and more...

One of Sarjen’s clients has multiple ERP systems including SAP and their business spread over 20+ countries. They have information such as Sales, Forecast, Inventory, etc. The challenge was, data received from different countries was in excel file and there was no single view for this data – for all countries or to view country by country data, filtering of data and they would have to work manually preparing on excel.

To overcome this challenge, Sarjen setup EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) in which data was collected from different sources and then was presented on the Sarjen built analytical dashboard using Power BI, which helped client business to view all information on a single platform along with all country views.

Apart from that, Sarjen has also prepared other analytical dashboards like,

Price Trend – Helps client business to review how price go up and down in different markets during different time.

Order Supply Status – Helps client business was able to identify how much time was taken to supply a single order.

Inventory Projection – Helps client business to view inventory available in each country and their need in near future based on which they can plan production.

Forecast Accuracy – clients were able to identify and measure they accuracy of forecast setup on monthly basis. They were able to compare their forecast data with actual sales.

Any many more analytical dashboard can be setup to help organisations to make strategic decision.