Sarjen’s new office

“Arista – The Business Hub”
6th Floor, Arista, Anandnagar road, Ahmedabad 380015, India

Sarjen’s new location – on Prahladnagar-Anandnagar road, a very prominent business district…

Sarjen are feeling very proud and confident in announcing that on 11.04.2016 they moved into their new offices. The move was not just a change of address for Sarjen it is the result of continuous diligent efforts and passionate team work. The new office is more spacious with modern amenities signifying a paradigm shift in the way Sarjen would work in the future.

With renewed vision Sarjen would be putting headways that would not only support the age-old yet new way of working, but would embody Sarjen’s values of innovation, transparency and openness.

However, Sarjen’s phone number remains the same at +91-79-66214899.
And so is the primary email address –

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