Distribute & Retrieve Regulated Documents with Ease

Distribute & Retrieve Regulated Documents with Ease

A regulated document plays a vital role for any business operations to meet quality compliance with respective to regulatory standards. Where handling of either uncontrolled or improper documents, forms and annexures consuming in pharmaceuticals and lifesciences industry, it may lead to chance of data integrity issues with respective to compliance purpose and put questions on entire plant.

For traditional paper-based industry documents distribution and retrieval action are very critical, complex and too much challenging task such as paper based library file room, searching master document against request, improper document control and document security for quality assurance department to handling various regulated document life cycle. Meanwhile distribution and retrieval performed of static & dynamic regulated document based on its criticality and requirements.

A cloud-based system fully equipped with regulatory key feature chance to switch digital platform provide fully automatic controlled workflow as per business need, audit trail, revision control, unique distribution code and data security.

In regulated business said that “If you not done documented activity, you have not done it.”

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