Jignesh Patel

Jignesh Patel

Sr. Technology Evangelist

Jignesh Patel works as a Technology Evangelist with Sarjen. He provides complete management of company’s cloud computing endeavours with his unique skill set and understanding of server hardware, networks, infrastructure, operating systems, web servers, web technologies and RDBMS. He provides a sound backbone to Sarjen’s cloud based solution business.

He has worked with Sarjen since 2006 with an overall experience of 18 years and has rich experience in product development, implementation and support services. He has worked with, both, business applications and regulatory applications, and handles integration of Sarjen’s solutions with various ERP and CRM platforms.

Mr. Patel is also deeply involved with various IP (intellectual property) management activities at Sarjen and is responsible for making robust security systems – IP protection, etc.

Mr. Patel is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) with specialization in Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Mr. Patel is a PGDAC from C-DAC and has Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India.