Aaditya Chaubey

Aaditya Chaubey

Lead Solution Architect

Aaditya Chaubey is associated with Sarjen since 2011 and at present works as Lead Solution Architect.

Mr. Chaubey has more than 7 years’ experience in technology industry has worked under various capacities including product development, implementation and support services at Sarjen as well as understanding and contributing to the technical solution from design through to code level in various domains of Business, pharmaceutical and Regulatory applications and provided end-user training.

Mr. Chaubey has worked on a wide range of projects involving the implementation of new and existing systems, solutions and processes. He has robust knowledge in interfacing of biometric instruments and path lab instruments in unidirectional and bidirectional.

He is responsible for defining delivery phases of projects including activities, sub-activities, and milestones ensuring these are documented and used as the basis for the project event log, issues and risk log and any subsequent reporting.

Prior to joining Sarjen, he has worked with OfficeBox Software Pvt. Ltd., to contribute his knowledge in database operations, development of project for insurance company as a software professional.

He has Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from RTMNU Nagpur, India.