Unleash the opportunities which come with connecting devices, which can help for a better and prompt reach. Connecting custom business needs is the start of the IIoT journey and refining; giving final touches would be the end-product with all in the palm of the hands.

Sarjen can help capitalize on the latest trends – IIoT, to improve operational efficiencies, user comfort, user experiences, bring everything on a single platform – single touch!

Sarjen helps tap into new dimension of creating “smart” business, “smart” office, “smart” city… and a 360o experience of “smart” and “empowered” surrounding! A value addition, that is much needed extra dimension for companies for maximum aligning of “processes” and “services”.

And, thus, controlled and integrated processes, quality services, TOTAL connectivity, advantage & an edge implementing a “web” of connectivity around.

Sarjen helps identify and put a plan for IIoT solutions to bring about business transformation of choice with minimum of side effects of transition and transformation.

Sarjen’s enterprise mobility solution team…

  • Exploits the domain knowledge acquired
  • Merges it with the cutting edge mobile technologies available in the market
  • Creates enterprise mobility solutions which are rarely seen in the industry

Process includes

  • Extension and Connectivity in the form of availability on all devices, always, anywhere. Also, in offline and online mode with a dynamic sync
  • Security and Sanctity of data to securely save, retrieve, access data on different devices, anywhere, always
  • Analysis and Monitoring to keep track of the connected experience, access and real time details for analysis
  • Opportunities for newer and effective services and customer satisfaction
Apple Watch

Android Watch

Smart Phones are practically used by most people. But smart watches, smart bands are gaining popularity. Using smart wearables and accessing apps from these wearables would gain momentum with corresponding gaining popularity and use.

Use apps for Apple watch for ready presentations – any detail, any information can be on hand for analyses. Install the app on the iPhone and access data from the app on Apple watch!

Use an Android wear to sync app data from the Android device – smart phone or tablet and the data is available right on the smart watch!

As an extension of Sarjen’s mobility solutions, the wearable device apps are the next step towards compactness, yet with comprehensive data for desired need and requirement.

Sarjen helps create a different user experience – wearable user experience with highly functional, intuitive extensions of its own apps or apps of choice! Bringing a value-added understanding with details from complex source applications on a small view…

Also, wearable apps are famously used for notifications as extension of Sarjen mobility solutions.

Process includes

  • Analysis as extensions of web applications as apps and apps as wearable apps
  • Leveraging maximum benefits of technology and fit as apps for as small as smart watches
  • Unique UI/UX of wearable apps