Some QA definitions

Qualification – applies to hardware, devices; not the process in which the hardware is used. Thus, verifies the hardware is suitable to do a task. Verification - applies to the evaluation at intermediate steps when the software is developed to [...]

About CRM- Know its pillars and advantages

About CRM- Know its pillars and advantages

To understand CRM, we also need to understand the main three pillars on which CRM stands. Marketing: For marketing department, it is important to create strategy, executes campaigns and information gathering about customers and their needs. (more…)

Cloud hosting and validation

Cloud hosting and validation

In the last few years, cloud hosting has emerged as a preferred choice which has enabled companies to get out of maintaining their own servers to host various software applications where cloud computing is a model for enabling 24x7, [...]

Aug About CRM- Introduction

About CRM- Introduction

In last few decades there are huge changes in world economy and that changed the the way business works.In each industry service provider and consumers are in large number which has created tight competition.Now, in this changing scenario it [...]

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