Vision & Mission


Have a world class organization with operational excellence and global reach.


Spread the power of business technology solutions to customers across the globe; adding value to their businesses. And, encouraging support for our employees who in turn would provide exceptional service to the customers.

Our Core Competence

  • Our ability to understand customer requirements
  • Our courage to build solution from scratch; rather than adopting a ready-made platform. It ultimately saves lot of licensing costs for our customer
  • Our keenness to improve process efficiency at customer end by offering user side customization even when we are deploying ready-made solution
  • Our approach for competing with the best in the world or be best in the world
  • Our power to envisage hidden needs and building solutions around those even before end users do.
  • Our reliability in execution of the project. Since for us, success of the project is more important than the profitability it offers
  • Our vision to create sellable system; we have grown up in the environment, where each project is seen as an investment into product; and not cost
  • Our flexibility in striking balance between agile development methods and more traditional CMM type documentation approach
  • Our willingness to establish thought leadership even if it means we are challenging established industry norms and we may need to fight for general acceptance

Our Core Values

We strongly believe,

  • There is always a better way to think and even better way to implement. Standards of excellence need to be improved and enhanced with time
  • Type of work you do is much more important than amount of work and revenues you generate
  • Relationship with customers are built with providing value proposition to customers
  • Growth is only sustainable when one builds intellectual property (IP). Revenue streams generated by skills and knowledge trading will always be temporary
  • Dream big. Dream as a team. Shared dreams make teams and not money