Expansion in implementation

Diagnostic Imaging Software (for Retina)

DI Soft, a web based application, is developed to allow radiologists an easy review process of the medical images for different modalities in dicom or several other formats.

Also, helps in clinical Trial related activities like the screening of the patient who is suffering from the Critical Disease to track the their current situation of the diseases and the previous status of the Disease as well to study the benefits from the medicine and future dose management for the Physician or Investigator.

PQR automation

Digital transformation of PQR, which pharmaceutical companies are required to submit as full Product Review (APQR in the U.S. and PQR in Europe) to government health authorities annually, detailing key aspects of the manufacturing process for each drug they produce.

Order Automation

Computer vision where orders can be created, validated and processed quickly and accurately using BOT. Can also be seamlessly integrated with ERPs for bidirectional smooth data and information management without manual entry for creating orders.

Organizational Agility to face Covid and WFH

New norms, rigid Safety measures, Infrastructure changes with tighter/enhanced security-faster/seamless access despite extra security measures.

And, then being proactive in response to work from office, mandatory masks – double masks, sanitization, distance. Even renting new premises to ensure that distance is maintained and employees are safe at workplace.

ePRO (Patient Reported Outcome) for Covid related drug

Trials of Covid related drugs, ePRO, an approach taken in clinical trials to collect the data from the patient directly (from the patient through mobile devices or web).

WDS – commercialization of Weighing and Dispensing

Getting rid of manual weighing and dispensing of materials/raw materials in pharmaceutical manufacturing which amounts to a significant rise in quality, avoiding waste/incorrect measurements even in tiniest amount. Another way to see that there is no room for errors.

PNS to Far East – Singapore, Australia, Philippines

Expansion to more countries of SAP Interfaced S ‘n D solution

Introduction to Droid, Sarjen’s indigenous tool kit for RPA and automation

Automation toolset which takes care of repetitive, mundane tasks and brings about efficiency. Also helps in bringing the manual intervention in such tasks to zero – brings total turnabout in overall people and business efficiency.

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