Team Sarjen

Meet our team members

The nucleus is the team of visionaries guiding and providing directions to the organization led by Nikur Mody and Rikin Mody at the helm.

This has let brilliant experts and their group of like-minded, talented developers to unleash their potentials to serve with the best of solutions, services. With a big guiding hand through the emerging industry and technology changes, methodologies, the visionaries have helped Sarjen make a start for the next “great big” walk. The visionaries have played a key role in shaping the corporate initiatives over all these years.

Tatsat Dave

VP, Business Development

Tatsat Dave has worked with Sarjen since 2001 and heads the global business...

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Shilpa Desai

VP; QA, Compliance and Software Validations

Shilpa Desai is VP; QA, Compliance and Software Validations and is responsible for...

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Jenit Sanghvi

Business Development Manager, UK

Jenit Sanghvi manages Technical/Functional Teams of Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd. for various...

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Gunjan Gandhi

Head, Technologies and Innovations

Gunjan Gandhi heads technology and innovations team at Sarjen. He has worked...

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Jignesh Patel

Sr. Technology Evangelist

Jignesh Patel works as a Technology Evangelist with Sarjen. He provides complete...

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Ranjit Patel

Lead Solution Architect

Ranjit Patel is associated with Sarjen since 2008 and at presently works...

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Kushal Doshi

Sr. Software Architect

Kushal Doshi, Sr. Software Architect, handles development, designing, facilitating product development, implementation...

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Jitendra Bhatt

Sr. Software Developer, Microsoft .Net

Jitendra Bhatt is Sr. Software Developer (Microsoft .Net) at Sarjen. He has...

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Riddhi Mehta

Project Manager, QMS & HCM

Riddhi Mehta is associated with Sarjen since 2011 and at present working...

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Joy Patel

Lead Consultant, Business Technology

Joy Patel is associated with Sarjen since 2012 and presently works as...

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Vatsal Mankad

Lead Consultant, Business Technology

Vatsal Mankad is associated with Sarjen since 2011 and at present works as a...

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Simoli Shah

Sr. Software Consultant

Simoli Shah is associated with Sarjen since 2014 and at present working...

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Anurag Mathur

Sr. Consultant, SAP SD

Anurag Mathur, Sr. Consultant, SAP Sales and Distribution Module (SD) with a...

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Saumil Shah

Sr. Consultant, SAP FICO

Saumil Shah is a Sr. Consultant, SAP FICO with an international experience....

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Asmita Sharma

Program Manager

Asmita Sharma manages functional/technical teams of Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd. for our...

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Mosam Vatnani

Brand Consultant, Software Solutions

Mosam Vatnani is associated with Sarjen since 2012 and has played multiple...

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Vijay Mewani

Manager, Finance & Accounts

Vijay Mewani is responsible for Financial Planning, Management Accounting and Treasury at...

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